poké bowl

Bill of materials Rev. 1

Build info

Mount the display pcb behind the panel using some m3 spacers and screws. The dsp board can be mounted on the main pcb also using spacers and screws. Even one spacer and screw should be enough to hold everything together. Connections between dsp and Main pcb should be self explanatory since both boards have the exact same labelling.

ID Identifier Package Quantity Pre-populated Description Supplier
4 J5 PJ301M-12 1 R_WET Jacks
8 J4 PJ301M-12 1 L_MIXED Jacks
12 J1 PJ301M-12 1 PJ301M-12 Jacks
13 J6 PJ301M-12 1 L_WET Jacks
14 RV1 Potentiometer Alpha RD902F-40-00D Dual Vertical 1 A10K Stereo
17 RV2 Potentiometer Alpha RD901F-40-00D Single Vertical 1 A10K Mono
18 J3 PJ301M-12 1 R_MIXED Jacks
20 J2 Eurorack Power Header 1 EURO_PWR_2x5 Power Header
21 J7 Molex SL 171971-0005 1x05 P2.54mm Vertical 1 IO_BOARD
22 J8 Molex SL 171971-0002 1x02 P2.54mm Vertical 1 POW_BOARD
23 U3 TO-220F-3 Horizontal TabDown 1 L7805
24 DSP Board PCB 1 100 FX DSP AliExpress