Bill of materials Rev. 1

Build info

Bridge either one of the jumpers but not both. The jumper will decide which rail of your power supply (+12V or -12V) will provide the current to heat the tubes.

ID Identifier Package Quantity Pre-populated Description Supplier
6 J1, J13 PJ301M-12 2 PJ301M-12 Jacks
7 U5 Valve ECC-83-1 1 ECC83
13 JP2 SolderJumper-2 P1.3mm Open Pad1.0x1.5mm 1 -12
14 RV1, RV2, RV3, RV4 Potentiometer Alpha RD901F-40-00D Single Vertical 4 B100K Mono
17 JP1 SolderJumper-2 P1.3mm Open Pad1.0x1.5mm 1 +12
20 SW1 ToggleSwitch SPDT 1 SW_SPDT Switches
22 J9 Eurorack Power Header 1 EURO_PWR_2x5 Power Header